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Compassionate & Heartfelt!

“The care you will receive is compassionate and heartfelt. With Willow Therapy you are in good hands, healing hands. You will feel heard, understood, and be provided with insight and solutions to help you move through your trauma. You will find a safe place to land while receiving the advice, expertise and care that you need.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Seek Therapy?


  • Therapy can help you develop the skills to cope with symptoms that often accompany mental health concerns and can also address the cause of the symptoms. 
  • Research shows that the benefits of therapy last longer than trying to treat symptoms with medication alone. 
  • You learn skills to not only address the present concerns but that can also help you with future issues that arise. 
  • There is a link between your mental health and physical wellness. By taking care of your mind you are better able to care of the rest of your body. 
  • Often it helps you to not only understand yourself better but other people as well. 
  • It is comforting to know you have someone available to provide support when needed. 

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